Belonging & Becoming

Oct 7, 2019

Our Perspective: The potential POWER of YOUTH

For the last three years the Charleston Rhizome Collective has worked with some amazing, energetic and talented young people through our mentorship and apprenticeship programs.

Our desired outcome has been and still is to show young people that they have the POWER to change their living conditions as well as those of their friends and neighbors. We encourage them to use Art, Activism, Education and Trade as their tools for change.

            This year the Apprenticeship will highlight “Tiny” Business & Entrepreneurship. Through conNECKtedTOO Belonging & Becoming Project 2018-20 cohorts of Apprentices will have the chance to collaborate with, as well as work in, “Tiny” Businesses on the Charleston peninsula. Have you ever wondered about the value and real benefits associated with giving young people the opportunity to work in a “Tiny” Business or to start their own business? We want them to understand that the business field may be an unexplored career pathway for them. Our goals are to work on business fundamentals, critical thinking, multi media art practice and team building skills. 

Most importantly governments, corporations, churches and schools must cultivate and encourage the next generation of youth leaders.

What is behind the idea of the 2018 conNECKtedTOO APPRENTICESHIP program?

by Pamella Gibbs

“One way to change your condition or to feel that you do belong, is to constantly create relationships and neighbors.”

From the Register of Dreams in the conNECKted project

(2017 at the Charleston City Gallery at Joseph P. Riley, Jr. Waterfront Park)

Are you searching to be involved in your community?

Are you interested in challenging the economic disparities that exist in our communities?

Do you wish to work with artists?

Do you expect to become a leader?

Would you like to participate in an inter-generational, interracial adventure?

Are you a good facilitator?

Any issue you would like to expose?

Any asset you wish to develop?

If you answered YES to four of these questions,

you are an ideal candidate for our program.

Apply at