Oct 7, 2019


“As a group where Education, Art and Activism intersect, the CHARLESTON RHIZOME COLLECTIVE – grassroots, inter-generational and interracial by design – has committed to conNECKtedTOO, a  project of ART & CULTURE IN/WITH COMMUNITY FOR ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT. We will seek and involve Tiny Business partners: 

  • to support and promote TINY BUSINESS in Charleston, as a vital part of commerce and neighborhood
  • to build a mentorship program and awaken in YOUTH a spirit of entrepreneurship
  • to fully embrace THE ARTS AND THE SPIRIT OF THE ARTS as activators of sustainability”   



“We envision COMMUNITIES where issues of exclusion and inequities in economics, education, housing and business no longer exist.

For us BELONGING means celebrating all histories and cultures, and BECOMING all we possibly can, as we build a future TOGETHER.”

“For me grassroots represents a sustenance-rich, interwoven connectivity — real relationships with real people.” Victoria Moore (Victoria Rae Public Relations)

Grassroots to me is a means to develop cultural resources that have not a part in the mainstream economy.” Sharon Cooper Murray (The Gullah Lady)

Grassroots celebrates the core quality of life and things done from basics.” Arianne King Comer (Arianne Artist’ Way)

“To me, grassroots means that you do not have as many resources to create change or impact like a large organization does. Grass grows from very little, unlike flowers or trees.” Markelle Evans

Grassroots is the platform that we must build or invest in first to start whatever journey ahead of us.” Aysha Bowens

Grassroots just like it says, coming from down the earth.” Sammy Smalls (Fresh Cut Barbershop)

Grassroots is a concept that reminds me how little I know.” Gwylene Gallimard (Jemagwga)