Empowering TINY Businesses with a Mobile App

Nov 19, 2019

After a Charleston Rhizome Collective workshop at the Creative Placemaking Summit South + Appalachia in Columbia, SC – April 16-18, 2019

Maybe what we succeeded in the most with our workshop was changing the space into a community engagement ground where three groups had opportunities to advance their own work based on some of what we have learned in the development of our app. The atmosphere was created in part by the fact that six of our interracial, intergenerational team were there and we could expose ourselves as a community of various perspectives and knowledge working together in imagining the purposes, functions and experiences of what we are creating. After learning the multiple types of apps, one participating group came to the conclusion that maybe a fully customized mobile app is not necessary for the goals they want to achieve, another came away with tangible next steps for the development of a ridesharing app and the third group felt motivated to further their research of the audience they were trying to reach. 

The assets we are creating for conNECKtedTOO may include the development of very specific workshops that will be the results of our work and processes.