Things I Wish I Knew Before My 1st Day As A Senior!

Apr 14, 2020

These are small steps you can do now for your big step towards getting accepted

– Prepare for your ACT/SAT using school resources and take it more than once.
– Remember that you only report your BEST score no matter how many tries.
– See if your school can lend you a TI-84 calculator
(Recommendations- you will need one!)
– Resumes – create an educational resume. Every reward/award you had! Every certification! Every accomplishment! Any educational experiences you had! EVERYTHING COUNTS.
– Create a personal college email account.
– Make a scholarship google sheet link it to google calendar, and add the document for scholarship writing.
– Save your contact information on google ie your Name, email, address so you can auto fill on scholarships.
– Whenever you send an email out regarding your education bcc your personal email and your college account that you have for records.
– Look at other high schools’ scholarship page in your area
– If you get accepted, log on to your school email to see if your college has a scholarship directory
– If you know what you want to do, look into getting related certifications

How do you know college is right for you? You don’t but here’s some things I did to help me find my niche.

– Write your interests down and categorize then try and find a career that matches
– If you don’t know what your interests are, write what you enjoy and feel accomplished or happy when you do. What ignites a fire within you?
– Don’t be afraid to email any professional to see if you can shadow them for a day or week. It’ll help you figure out what you want to do in life
– If you live near your top 1 college then take tours (if you know your major ask to tour that area)

College isn’t for everyone, careers aren’t for everyone, school isn’t for everyone and it’s okay in fact even normal.

– You do not have to go to college to be successful
Realize that there are some people who have careers and/or side hustles and/or their own business at the same time.
– You don’t have to settle for one career if you don’t want to.
– When you feel unmotivated Reflect on your goals, your vision of you so you can have a reason why you are investing your effort, time, and money into school.