Podcast Experiment/Collaboration

Apr 18, 2020

by Aysha Bowens

When you think of the word experiment, do you think about a podcast? Maybe, maybe not you may think of science. With Science and a podcast there is a correlation, the procedure, also known as the scientific method. For example, the moment the idea of a podcast with Rain came about, I observed or researched other podcasts. Then we used our prior knowledge, research, and observations to find the reason/hypothesis why the “I Like My Tea Sweet!” podcast was created. Some of the reasons were to provide a platform for youth, and create a space to provoke visions and thoughts of Charleston, History, Culture, and Economic Development, and the Education System amongst other topics. The “I LIke My Tea Sweet!” podcast, is an ongoing experiment, so I am not able to report the data, analysis, and conclusion yet!

As this is an ongoing experiment, the process so far is a learning experience. Collaborating with fellow apprentices, and advisor/leader/mentor in the collective has been interesting. The naming of “I Like My Tea Sweet!” podcast  would be my best example of collaborating so far. At the community lab, the name for the “843” Zine was just decided. We knew that the podcast name was next. So Rain, a fellow apprentice, Victoria, an advisor/leader/mentor and I started to throw names out in the air. Using our reasons to inspire us, some names were “Thoughts Over Answers” as we wanted to ask questions to provoke thoughts, and not answers, and “The Neck” to correlate with the zine idea of keeping it Charleston related. We consulted with Victoria, and she suggested making a reference to the South. What’s one thing you relate to the South? Sweet Tea! We went and started idea-building on names with Sweet Tea. We ended up with the “I Like My Tea Sweet” podcast. We ran it across Gwylene, another advisor/leader/mentor, and Markelle, a fellow apprentice. That is how we came up with the name “I Like My Tea Sweet!” as a collective. 

Check out the pilot episode of the “I Like My Tea Sweet!” with Theron Snype, an advisor/leader/mentor of conNECKtedTOO if Art and Culture Could Be Lost? on




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