RESOURCE LIST for Protesters, Activists, & Allies

Jun 4, 2020

Resource List

In wake of our community and national response to the ongoing murder of Black Americans by police, conNECKtedTOO –> TINYisPOWERFUL has decided to gather resources for those seeking information on anti-racist and anti-police information. It is our responsibility to not only keep educating ourselves, but share tools for others to do the same. Whether you are taking part in demonstrations or expanding your reading list to Black authors or abolitionist texts, you are supported.


Below are links with information on where to donate, reading material, film suggestions, safety during protests, as well as black-owned and Charleston-owned businesses to support. We will be updating this list as new resources are found, so if you have any to submit, please let us know at





Activism and Support

  • #blacklivesmatter Live Resource Google Doc — Automatically updated every 5 minutes, contains contacts, donation links, organizations, bailout funds, petitions, and protesting tips. It’s also bookmarked accordingly.





Allyship and Education

Police Abolition


Non-Black Allyship


Reading, Watching, Listening, Learning Materials




If you have little/no ability to donate:

  • Stream Zoe Amira’s YoutTube Video — This video is full of music from black artists and 100% of the ad revenue is donated to protester bail funds, family funerals, and advocacy groups for black lives


If you can donate:



Black-owned Businesses in Charleston