Sep 30, 2020

This Lexicon has a reason to be: building a community of words which cover one of knowledge, which translates into one of purpose.
TINY is one of those words. Our collective attaches it to POWERFUL and affirms: TINYisPOWERFUL. Why?
Today, we understand that what the earth can produce to sustain its 9 and some billion population is finite. How long can the industrial world keep extracting enough natural resources to satisfy consumerism, that craving for the superfluous? Have working wo/men forever  morphed into mindless, anonymous bits, in the algorithmic game of ubiquitous computations and been forever denied access to transformative knowledge?
A partial answer may lie in this observation: Everything is not computable. Systems which endeavor to compute everything, including themselves, “auto-compute” and recycle their own data for auto-reproduction, cannot survive. They are closed systems. They suffer from an autoimmune disease where they constantly ingest their own data. Open systems, on the other hand, are dynamic, adaptable. Their intelligence is not artificial. They imagine, they create, they innovate when faced with the accidental blows of time. What makes up such open systems? It is not What, it is Who. The People do. The TINY people who invent their own survival networks, where they live: locally – the way they live: socially – and because they know why they live: to gather and enjoy together the fruit of their active lives.
TINY IS POWERFUL then, and will remain powerful as long as it can, locally, initiate mutations, shifts in expectations and knowledge, sustain its capacity to say NO to systemic norms. It is with all this in mind that conNECKtedTOO …
approached TINY Businesses: they are local, they are nimble, they are savvy survivors, they anchor their neighborhood, they epitomize the creative mind

. invented an App. Although BIG BUSINESS abuses the web and sees it as a weapon to force conformity, TINYisPOWERFUL uses it to create a community of purpose, where people learn together about liberation and transformation

. picked the ARTS as its tool of choice for imagining new ways to generate social dynamics, innovate in collaborative practices, come up with a worthy sense of self, with others




*** this seemingly BIG word is here for a reason: words are what make a Lexicon. So far, you have not seen one single BIG word in this article titled TINY. It was time to remember that words are not what hurts. However, not knowing them may make us susceptible to abuse, lies and fake news.

Negentropy is the other side of Entropy.

Entropy refers to a law of physics which says that all dynamic, physical systems at work experience an irreversible net loss of energy … till they dies. The Earth is such a system. It is hard at work. It is, as a matter of fact, dying for working dangerously hard and for not being taken care of properly.


When we write:  TINY DEFINES THE SCALE OF NEGENTROPY,  we attempt a nutshell of the above Lexicon article. That’s all.