Apr 17, 2021

Art touched me
Even though the sign said do not touch the objects
From the womb to the home
Surrounded me
Hands up don’t shoot you are surrounded by art
From creativity in the womb to the tomb
Conneckted too
Take two ‘diasporin’
And call me in the morning
No art while I’m mourning but a new day is dawning
A nude day is dawning
Stripped to my soul doing dishes with dawn
She’s en vogue
What do they call me?
Strange fruit. Peaches son,
My skin is black my manner is tough
I’ll kill the first pain I see from the afghanistan poppy field supply
Sim cards connect calls and sim-ones connect souls
Pinta santa maria and the nina simone
Passing like three ships in the night on the way to the americas
Where people that already lived there were discovered
Where Canadians and Mexicans are americans but when we say american
we mean the You Ess (U.S.)
Lost tribes graffiti scribes my art is brut on the train
Renard is no basquiat
No herring, no fisher of fame, no Julian Snob
No gallery will contain me
And no museum will frame me for my exotic is too message
To grandmaster too slave too jungle that still makes me wonder
How I keep from going under..ground railroad
All aboard, burn the Coals and load up the train (coletrane)
Cause this bad trip is for the
I’m no Kaepernick call me kneel diamond inebriated from injustice
So I sip my sorrows drunk from knowledge pass the bottle of dreams
We set into the sea
Black kids not making c’s
Surviving life and robert kellys
When will we overcome, its been 50 years since the doctor was assasanated
His dream lacerated
This battle of the unknown x
To be respected as a man and a human being
Ask chuck where we entered he said charles town
Black townies on the bus in beantown shipped into blank canvases that will be painted with the blood on the floor from Crispus Attucks
Orange is the new black
Cell black mamas were once soldiers in selma on the pettus
Build a wall for those who work the fields so we can eat the fruits of their labor literally
In a country we stole twice from columbus then from the king
Taxing taxation no representation
The bridge is over
Troubled water that Susan Smith drowned her kids in
A black man did it
Cause we all have red tails and eat chicken in Tuskeegee
The system experiments and makes us sick in tuskegee
The penicillin is available like the cure for AIDS
But the truth is hidden out in the open and my authentic self you cant see me
The morons hate the marron
Yo no quiero taco bell
But when I run for the border that mexico paid for
It’ll be el Paso
Poor black and white kids in the 48th rank state in education
Will not pass no
The applie pie Mclean said we’d die for will make one last stand at the alamo
Get in the carmichael fromn stokely to Toure Im stoked
To protect and serve Eric Garner
Im all choked up
Waiting to exhale
I am a Dondi Don Dada
The DuCHAMP is here
And Im waiting to excel
Like a spreadsheet full of registered voters in Lowndes
From Bama to Obama
May I search your vehicle with hounds
Public Enemy is the sound
Fight the Power
Social just-ice
No just-iz
Pause move bust this
Die on your feet
Shot in the back diggin in the scene and drop the taser
Whats this
I wanna be like Mike
Im from New york
I got game but Im bruised from the bumps and knicks
Bleeding strawberry Dolly Madison ave
It satisfies their hunger to colonize
The chocolate