If Racism Was a Monster

Aug 31, 2021

It might look like me

It might look like my father

it might look like my daughter

it might look like diabetics

it might look like paramedics

it might look like the systems

like invisible systems

it might loom like me

it might move in the night

but it moves in the light

yes it moves in the light

it might look like me

if racism was a monster

like a girl with some privilege

a non-binary

no special interest

it might look like common sesnse

but that don’t make sense

and it don’t make dollas

still it make you holla


the woods


the woods

it might torture some souls

if you believe we have souls

it might blow our minds



it all sounds like something

it all looks like something

begging pleading for something


kneeling for nothing

no it don’t mean nothing

racism don’t me nothing to some

it might look like a ring

that don’t mean anything

it might look like a river

boats float on them things

if racism was a monster

it might look like me

born into poverty

saved by amazing grace

that it don’t deserve

asking who do you serve

and when it tells the truth

they try to mince the words

they mess with the words

they don’t think it looks like trauma

they just want more drama

put it on your mama

but she’s already free

yes she’s already free

her name don’t come with a fee