Forrest Raven – 843?- There Goes the (Neighbor) Hood Bibliography

Sep 17, 2021

“There Goes the (Neighbor) Hood” Bibliography

By: Forrest Raven

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Explore the history of Atlanta’s historic neighborhoods with this collection of resources.
Resources include the Jackson Cluster electronic resource, the effect of redlining, wealth
building, “segregation by design,” housing discrimination and unsolicited bank ratings in people
of color communities.



2021 Guide to Black Generational Wealth
Author: Johnson, Terry Pub Date: 2020

A haven and a hell : the ghetto in black America
Author: Freeman, Lance Pub Date: 2019

The Color of Money: Black Banks and the Racial Wealth Gap
Author: Mehrsa Baradaran Pub Date: 2019

Binga: The Rise and Fall of Chicago’s First Black Banker (Second to None: Chicago
Author: Don Hayner Pub Date: 2019

The dream revisited : contemporary debates about housing, segregation, and opportunity
in the twenty-first century
Author: Ellen, Ingrid Gould Pub Date: 2019

Race for profit : how banks and the real estate industry undermined Black homeownership
Author: Taylor, Keeanga-Yamahtta Pub Date: 2019

Race for Profit: How Banks and the Real Estate Industry Undermined Black
Homeownership (Justice, Power, and Politics)
Author: Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor Pub Date: 2019

Moving toward integration : the past and future of fair housing
Author: Sander, Richard Henry Pub Date: 2018

At the boundaries of homeownership : credit, discrimination, and the American state
Author: Thurston, Chloe N. Pub Date: 2018

A perilous path : talking race, inequality, and the law
Author: Ifill, Sherrilyn A. Pub Date: 2018

Choosing charters : better schools or more segregation?
Author:—————- ———– Pub Date: 2018

Sundown towns : a hidden dimension of American racism
Author: Loewen, James W Pub Date: 2018

Education at War : the fight for students of color in America’s public schools
Author:—————- ———– Pub Date: 2018

The color of money : Black banks and the racial wealth gap
Author: Baradaran, Mehrsa Pub Date: 2017

Creating Generational Wealth: What the Super Wealthy Know that You Need to Know
Author: Douglas A.C. Eze, Tina Vasquez, et al. Pub Date: 2014

Choosing equality : essays and narratives on the desegregation experience
Author: Hayman, Robert L. Pub Date: 2009

Knocking on the door : the federal government’s attempt to desegregate the suburbs
Author: Bonastia, Christopher Pub Date: 2006

Housing segregation in suburban America since 1960 : presidential and judicial politics
Author: Lamb, Charles M. Pub Date: 2005

Sundown towns : a hidden dimension of American racism
Author: Loewen, James W. Pub Date: 2005

From Ivy Street to Kennedy Center; centennial history of the Atlanta public school system
Author: Ecke, Melvin W. Pub Date: 1972

Factors influencing the desegregation process in the Atlanta school system, 1954-1967
Author: Huie, H. Mark Pub Date: 1967


Additional Resources:

• Gentrification Explainer Video – Sources & Resources

• The Downside of Racial Uplift: the meaning of gentrification in an African American

• The Impacts of Gentrification on the African American Business Community of Portland,

• 21 Resources on Redlining’s Role in Cementing the American Wealth Gap

• Learning for Justice: Toolkit for “Segregation by Design”

• Economic Policy Institute: How African-Americans have been shortchanged out of the
materials to build wealth

• The Atlantic: The Unfulfilled Promise of Black Capitalism

• Bookings: How to Build Black Wealth

• Black Capitalism and Black Inequality: Some Sociological Considerations


Organizations and Additional Associations:

• Real Estate Business AND Housing discrimination AND African American

• Housing Discrimination AND race relation AND Atlanta, GA

• Public school AND government policy AND segregation AND Atlanta

• Investor Flipping AND homeownership AND discrimination AND minority community

• Credit discrimination AND redlining AND segregation AND metropolitan Atlanta

• Housing discrimination AND government policy AND solicited bias

• Government policy AND home ownership AND Atlanta AND wealth building

• Wealth building AND housing discrimination AND segregation AND public schools

• School management AND race relations AND segregation

• Atlanta public school AND race relation AND gentrification

• Gentrification AND public schools AND Atlanta


This bibliography is a creation of Your favorite Librarian in collaboration with 843? (the question mark is silent) a Charleston based zine that aims to explore topics and issues that affect the Charleston area and beyond. Check out the zine this piece appears in here: