A conversation between Jean-Marie Mauclet and Kit Loney

Jan 10, 2022

Jean-Marie Mauclet: Art and Making as Tools for a Visionary

See PDF file: KIT LONEY on Jean-Marie Mauclet

For the TINYisPOWERFUL collective to be viable, it needs to keep in close contact with its outside partners and supporters. This is the purpose of our NEWSLETTER and of the TINYisPOWERFUL website.  A lot of the work though, takes place between members, individually or in groups.

The series of essays we are offering will relate conversations Jean-Marie had with other members, in person, masked when necessary, and one at a time.

As you will see, the purpose of such encounters is to deepen the relationship between members, affirm the vision and values they keep developing together, activate them in their output and make sure that their efforts benefit everybody. In no way should it amount to a judgement on the creation itself. If vision, values and the work performed within TINYisPOWERFUL, belong to everyone as a common, creations remains fully autonomous. Obviously this approach brings up many questions about the weight added by collaboration to the work we do together – moreover in a context of art in/with community. We will have an important session about this at the end of this cycle of conversations.
As readers can see, the article below is printed in a two-column format. The left column is that of the writer. The right column belongs to the interviewee to correct, add, judge, any way (s)he wants. The right of response is one of the foundations of free reporting.
Readers are encouraged to become a third party. We are here to build community, aren’t we?