May 17, 2022

It is with deep sadness that we announce the death of Wim Roefs, one of 701 Center for Contemporary Art’s founders and always one of its fiercest advocates. He will be missed by everyone who believes in the value of arts and artists for our communities. But most of all, his passing will be a blow to the vigor and growth of our creative spirit.

As the long-serving chair of the 701 CCA Board, Wim shepherded the organization through its growth from being a vision to that of a fully functioning, and successful, place that presented the best being created by today’s artists. He always stressed that CCA was an organization that should support and serve artists as well as gallery visitors. For many years he helped guide the exhibition and performance offerings, which in turn built our reputation as one of the best contemporary spaces in the Southeast. He had a curator’s eye for what was superlative, and a manager’s talents for making things happen.

In the end, it is ironic that he died of a heart attack. He was a passionate person, someone who put his full heart into pushing for what he thought was important, as well as into supporting artists and developing rich friendships everywhere.

His spirit will remain and he will be sorely missed.
Most Sincerely,
701 CCA Executive Director, Staff, Board & Advisors