Art In/With Community

Art and Community Working to Make the Invisible Visible

The conNECKtedTOO project is an outgrowth of the Charleston Rhizome Collective, an organization of local collaborators who employ the arts as a means to examine, explore and cohere varying aspects of the area community, intending to combine artistic expression, social activism, and economic opportunity for both creative artists and for small businesses.

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The Arts in “Art and Culture in/with Community”

ART & CULTURE IN/WITH COMMUNITY is an outgrowth of the place where it exists. 

The conNECKtedTOO team of artists, activists, youth and educators looks like the communities it works with: inter-generational, inter-disciplinary and interracial. The “Collective” model, where members are autonomous, reflects both the identity of causes and the free choice of the means to attain them, as found in any livable social group.

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