Art in/with Community

Charleston Secrets Are Coming to Life

By conNECKted TOO / June 24, 2020


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RESOURCE LIST for Protesters, Activists, & Allies

By conNECKted TOO / June 4, 2020

In wake of our community and national response to the ongoing murder of Black Americans by police, conNECKtedTOO –> TINYisPOWERFUL has decided to gather resources for those seeking information on anti-racist and anti-police information. It is our responsibility to not only keep educating ourselves, but share tools for others to do the same. Whether you […]

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Family Art Lessons with Kit Loney: Storytelling

By conNECKted TOO / June 3, 2020

    Materials Needed:   – Paper — construction paper, printing paper, cardstock, paper bag paper — any of these   – Old magazines, photos, decorative papers if you have them   – Scissors   – Glue or tape or stapler   – Pencil   – Color pencils, markers or crayons   – (Optional: any […]

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letter to a City Council member

By / May 27, 2020

From: Jean-Marie Mauclet, for conNECKtedTOO—>TINYisPOWERFUL 843-637-9733 68 Devereaux St, Charleston , SC 29403 Charleston, May 8, 2020 Dear Councilwoman Carol Jackson, Thank you for giving the conNECKtedTOO Art team of the Charleston Rhizome Collective the opportunity to articulate its TINYCULINARY vision for saving the very small restaurants which make up the bulk of the […]

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Family Art Lessons with Kit Loney: Tiny Houses

By conNECKted TOO / May 26, 2020

      Materials Needed:   – Brown paper bags OR sheets of paper to fold   – Markers/crayons/color pencils   – Pencil   – Collage materials such as magazines, scrap paper, decorative paper, fabric scraps   – Scissors   – Glue, paper clips, tape, stapler (any that you have)   – (Optional: Sequins, beads, […]

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Family Art Lessons with Kit Loney: Recycle Cars with Color Wheels

By conNECKted TOO / May 20, 2020

    Materials Needed:   – Paper or cardboard from paper bags, cereal or pasta boxes, junk mail, old holiday cards, etc. – One or two sheets of white paper, cardstock, or cardboard – Markers or color pencils or crayons/oil pastels – pencil – scissors – glue/tape – paper clips/push pins – round lids to […]

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Family Art Lessons with Kit Loney: Doll Making

By conNECKted TOO / May 10, 2020

      Materials Needed:   – four plastic drinking straws (optional) – 2 x 2 inch piece of cardboard – jumbo paperclips – tape – three pipe cleaners – yarn – large button OR plastic milk jug lid with a hole poked through OR sturdy cardboard disc with a hole OR any item to […]

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Family Art Lessons with Kit Loney: Journal Making

By conNECKted TOO / May 4, 2020

Materials Needed:   – 3 or 4 brown paper grocery bags – String or yarn – Scissors – A pencil   OPTIONAL MATERIALS:   – A postcard or heavy paper (construction, cardstock, etc.) for the cover & 4 – 6 sheets of paper (same size as cover or slightly smaller) for pages – Needle and […]

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By conNECKted TOO / April 18, 2020

Reynolds Avenue in North Charleston is where conNECKtedTOO chose to present its cumulated works, when it was time to unwind two years of collaborative art thinking and art making.  Reynolds is far from the centers of Charleston’s culture, in a rundown urban neighborhood ripe for gentrification. That is if covid19 does not successfully mutate greed […]

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Rising Together: What Bread Making Has To Do With Art In/With Community

By conNECKted TOO / April 16, 2020

by Markelle Elizabeth Evans                   Last Friday, conNECKtedTOO hosted its third Zoom gathering during quarantine in regards to the health and safety of our communities during COVID19. For those that are not familiar with Zoom, it has risen in popularity during quarantine as a digital communicative tool […]

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