Family Art Lessons

Family Art Lessons — Some Thoughts about Why

By / August 6, 2020

Because the summer I learned to make books I could not imagine anything else. Because, as Paulus Berensohn says, when you open the cover of your journal, you are in soul’s kitchen. Because envisioning is a powerful tool, and journal practice is a visioning tool. Because what if the very act of envisioning the world […]

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Family Art Lessons with Kit Loney: Storytelling

By conNECKted TOO / June 3, 2020

    Materials Needed:   – Paper — construction paper, printing paper, cardstock, paper bag paper — any of these   – Old magazines, photos, decorative papers if you have them   – Scissors   – Glue or tape or stapler   – Pencil   – Color pencils, markers or crayons   – (Optional: any […]

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Family Art Lessons with Kit Loney: Tiny Houses

By conNECKted TOO / May 26, 2020

      Materials Needed:   – Brown paper bags OR sheets of paper to fold   – Markers/crayons/color pencils   – Pencil   – Collage materials such as magazines, scrap paper, decorative paper, fabric scraps   – Scissors   – Glue, paper clips, tape, stapler (any that you have)   – (Optional: Sequins, beads, […]

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Family Art Lessons with Kit Loney: Recycle Cars with Color Wheels

By conNECKted TOO / May 20, 2020

    Materials Needed:   – Paper or cardboard from paper bags, cereal or pasta boxes, junk mail, old holiday cards, etc. – One or two sheets of white paper, cardstock, or cardboard – Markers or color pencils or crayons/oil pastels – pencil – scissors – glue/tape – paper clips/push pins – round lids to […]

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Family Art Lessons with Kit Loney: Doll Making

By conNECKted TOO / May 10, 2020

      Materials Needed:   – four plastic drinking straws (optional) – 2 x 2 inch piece of cardboard – jumbo paperclips – tape – three pipe cleaners – yarn – large button OR plastic milk jug lid with a hole poked through OR sturdy cardboard disc with a hole OR any item to […]

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Family Art Lessons with Kit Loney: Journal Making

By conNECKted TOO / May 4, 2020

Materials Needed:   – 3 or 4 brown paper grocery bags – String or yarn – Scissors – A pencil   OPTIONAL MATERIALS:   – A postcard or heavy paper (construction, cardstock, etc.) for the cover & 4 – 6 sheets of paper (same size as cover or slightly smaller) for pages – Needle and […]

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