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By conNECKted TOO / July 4, 2020

Here’s an audio I recorded last night. Talking starts at minute 00:45. note: There is a point around minute 4:40 where I misspoke, slightly, saying “slavery was ratified” but meaning to say “the abolition of slavery was ratified.”  Self-governed. Autonomous. Free. Did you know Charleston is older than America? Yes, I’m reflecting on Charleston’s 350th […]

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By conNECKted TOO / June 26, 2020

Question: What have you learned from the episodes you have done / What has working on ILMTS” taught you?   Rain – It has made me more open to what a podcast can be. For instance the editing style I used for episode 1 is completely different from episodes 2 and 3. I learned quite […]

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By conNECKted TOO / June 24, 2020

by MARKELLE EVANS CLICK HERE FOR ORIGINAL TEXT WITH FORMATTING There is attention and rapid sharing of information regarding police brutality and murder, specific targeting of Black Americans throughout the nation by police and White Supremacists, use of weapons on protesters (even resulting in several deaths like Sarah Grossman, 22), and more coming in every […]

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When The Torch is Passed: The Bowens’ Legacy and Future

By conNECKted TOO / June 24, 2020

by AYSHA BOWENS Burke High School Class of 2020 Valedictorian The legacy that I would like to leave behind is not only for my family but for those who travel the same path as mine. While my path was full of support from family members and friends, opportunities that allowed me to meet influential people […]

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Family Art Lessons with Kit Loney: Storytelling

By conNECKted TOO / June 3, 2020

    Materials Needed:   – Paper — construction paper, printing paper, cardstock, paper bag paper — any of these   – Old magazines, photos, decorative papers if you have them   – Scissors   – Glue or tape or stapler   – Pencil   – Color pencils, markers or crayons   – (Optional: any […]

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PODCAST – “I Like My Tea Sweet” – Episode 2 – COVID19 with Quantrice Fields

By conNECKted TOO / May 28, 2020

Charleston Rhizome Collective · Episode 2 – Adjusting To COVID Charleston Rhizome Collective · Episode 2 – Adjusting To COVID Welcome everyone, to this conversation with Quantrice Fields. Please stop by, stay and enjoy the honesTEA. Episode 2: Adjusting to COVID – 19. Come join us in this talk with Quantrice about how she have […]

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PODCAST – I Like My Tea Sweet Episode 1 part 2

By conNECKted TOO / May 5, 2020

Charleston Rhizome Collective · Episode 1 Part 2 – Art & Culture with Theron Synpe   LISTEN TO EPISODE 1 – Part 2 ON SOUNDCLOUD BY CLICKING HERE: Welcome everyone, to this part of the conversation with Theron Synpe. Please stop by, stay and enjoy the honesTEA. Episode 1 – Part 2 of Art […]

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Podcast Experiment/Collaboration

By conNECKted TOO / April 18, 2020

by Aysha Bowens When you think of the word experiment, do you think about a podcast? Maybe, maybe not you may think of science. With Science and a podcast there is a correlation, the procedure, also known as the scientific method. For example, the moment the idea of a podcast with Rain came about, I […]

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Things I Wish I Knew Before My 1st Day As A Senior!

By / April 14, 2020

These are small steps you can do now for your big step towards getting accepted – Prepare for your ACT/SAT using school resources and take it more than once. – Remember that you only report your BEST score no matter how many tries. – See if your school can lend you a TI-84 calculator (Recommendations- […]

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