Podcast – ILMTS

– – – Meet the Creators – – –

“I Like My Tea Sweet” is a podcast led by Victoria Moore and Rayn Rainey originally created by Rayn and Aysha Bowens two former conNECKtedTOO apprentices who are now creative partners with TINYisPOWERFUL.

– – – Content – – –

“I Like My Tea Sweet” is an open community platform based in Charleston, SC as a tool for collective organizing and amplifying grassroots voices related with the area’s art, culture and lived experiences of participants.

Imagine yourself on a hot summer day, sitting on a porch enjoying a cold glass of tea with an auntie or best friend. Tea-talks on the porch are led by whomever happens to stop by and often center around personal stories, ideas, advice, recipes, current events, education, development and local histories.

Interested in being a guest, hosting an episode or developing your own series of conversations? Email TINYisPOWERFUL@gmail.com