You Bet ‘N Me ‘N Me ‘N You

Oct 7, 2019

by Jean-Marie MAUCLET

“You bet ’n me ’n me ’n you” is a sculpture put together by five conNECKtedTOO artists and apprentices: Markelle Evans, Timothy Hunter, Morgan Kinne, Jean-Marie Mauclet, Gwylene Gallimard. Its original purpose was to be the set for a video piece which will eventually lead into the intricate stream of the conNECKtedTOO app to be launched in late November. 

It was so well received that we looked for more venues to showcase it, after the Cannon Street Art Center installation. It is now in the lobby of NORTH CHARLESTON CITY HALL, and well received there too. 

Many people identify with TINY BUSINESS these days! This age-tested form of commerce deserves all the patronage it can get.

Each shop replica was in part inspired by written or oral conversations  with the owners, and the clear expression of their dreams. Each very different, the shops are unified in a network of solidarity, represented by the structure they seem to cling to for dire life.

Maybe a hurricane, maybe a tsunami, these TINY Businesses resist with gusto!

TINY’s got to be POWERFUL!