Why Reynolds?

Feb 28, 2020

Choosing to present the whole of cTOO’s work at Reynolds brings the collective very close to the struggle for neighborhood revival. It EXPOSES it to the harsh realities of a rundown area, showing signs that speculators have started betting on it! Then:

Are there policies shielding present residents from displacement?

Will existing businesses be supported when the rents skyrocket?

Will the trees of Chicora-Cherokee be declared world treasures?

Will the future of Fresh Future Farm be protected?

Had conNECKtedTOO presented this work somewhere on the Peninsula of Charleston, would a more privileged population have seen it as…

A distorted, romanticized observation by some artists?

A more unusual, more aggressive art show, but still an art OFFERING?

A local artists group in search of recognition?

This presentation is a call to landlords, non-profit organizations, religious organizations, all the neighborhood stakeholders, to support the present residents, resist their displacement, bring them economic opportunities, protect their local environment, promote quality, local schools for their children.