Family Art Lessons with Kit Loney: Storytelling

Jun 3, 2020



Materials Needed:


– Paper — construction paper, printing paper, cardstock, paper bag paper — any of these


– Old magazines, photos, decorative papers if you have them


– Scissors


– Glue or tape or stapler


– Pencil


– Color pencils, markers or crayons


– (Optional: any items made in previous lessons such as journals, dolls, cars or houses)



Storyboard — a visual mapping out of a story or sequence using frames like in comics


Thumbnail sketch — a quick, usually small drawing, made to plan out an idea or image


Gesture drawing — a quick, loose drawing made to capture basic form and express movement


Foreground — the part of a scene nearest to the observer


Background — the part of a picture or scene that seems to be farthest away



This is part of a series of sustainable art lessons open to all ages and especially for families with children at home due to COVID-19.

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Kit Loney is a visual artist and poet with more than 20 years of teaching experience. She has lead art classes for youth through college and currently offers private lessons. Questions or requests for Kit? Email