You Know Where I Stand

Jun 4, 2020

Please do not mistake my absence from posting on social media as silence. I found myself feeling pushed pushed pushed to say SOMETHING when actually I was at a complete loss for words in response to the senseless acts of violence, MURDERS and overt racism smeared across the face of America seeping through viral videos and screenshots into the palms of my hands.

Everyone around me is processing in different ways — anger, detachment, protest, sharing information, writing, transforming their minds or the minds of others, sadness, speaking up, standing up, educating, silence, meditation, prayer, policy proposal and advocacy. And while I’ve been grappling with the weight of my own emotions, I’m also doing my best to work through them because I KNOW I am part of the change.

There is an interracial, inter-generational, cross-sector collective consciousness DEMANDING JUSTICE and creating space for a radical, collaborative, participatory approach to reforming society, its systems and institutions. I am proud to be a multi-cultural BLACK WOMAN with the strength of my ancestors pulsating through my veins as I do my part in the fight for social justice alongside the artists, businesses, educators, activists and youth of conNECKtedTOO –> TINYisPOWERFUL and so many others. We are the truth tellers, visionaries, builders, frontline responders, caregivers, disrupters, healers, experimenters, storytellers, translators, peacemakers, weavers and guides. We are resilient and we will be victorious. Black lives matter. But you know that.

May our movements be focused, intentional, steady and unwavering.


As a reminder:



We believe that ART & TINY BUSINESS are nimble, adaptable, profitable, for the people and that BELONGING means celebrating many histories and cultures and BECOMING all we can TOGETHER.

That is why:

we experiment, we research   

we exchange skills, we teach each other

we take personal responsibility in partnership and collaboration


we stand for environmental justice and socio/economic equity  


we denounce the cultural impact of gentrification   


we amplify the voices of disadvantaged, low wealth and historically marginalized communities   


we share ownership of our work and imagine new policies


For us collaboration means reciprocity, shared ownership and autonomy.